90gr. Memorable alfajores (traditional Argentine jam-filled sandwich cookies) are made using a traditional process and a family recipe, with natural ingredients. They are plentifully filled with different Andean fruit jams (raspberry, strawberry, forest fruits, calafate, elderberry, rosehip and boysemberry), also frosted with a high-quality and exquisite semi-sweet chocolate. In addition, we also produce delicious caramel alfajores (dulce de leche-filled sandwich cookies).
Elderberry jam-filled alfajor.
Rosehip jam-filled alfajor.
Mixed Berries jam-filled alfajor.
Strawberry jam-filled alfajor.
Raspberry jam-filled alfajor.
Caramel (dulce de leche)-filled alfajor.
Calafate jam-filled alfajor.
Boysemberry jam-filled alfajor.
Assorted fruit jam alfajores. 6-unit box.