In 1863, when President Mitre organized the Argentine Republic, the Interior Minister Mr. Guillermo Rawson, on behalf of Mr. Lewis Jones and Mr.John Parry "Count of Madryn", arrived with a proposal from the Welsh government, in order to establish a Welsh colony in the south of the Rio Negro Province. On July 28 th, 1865, on board of the Mimosa ship and with the firm purpose to keep their traditions, culture, religion and to perform agricultural work in this beautiful and arid Patagonian soil, 153 Welsh men and women disembarked in the coasts of the current city of Puerto Madryn.

The Black Cake was born with the need to find proper, easy conservated and long useful lifetime food.

The Welsh people were thinking about wedding and Christmas cakes, and using scarce raw materials, which were obtained from Buenos Aires, they developed this product, which ever since and at present it is recognized by the Welsh colony as a typical dish created in the Province of Chubut and considered as a Patagonian one.

One of those first settlers, John Jones, who was also known by the nickname of Mountain Ash because of his hometown in Whales, kept his recipe within his family and shared it from generation to generation. The main characteristic of this recipe were the true secrets of the family bouquet.

This recipe was preserved by the love of Hilda Jones-Jones (second generation), who kept it like a treasure and on November 1 st ,1996, was transferred and shared with Ariel Sebastian, her great-grandson, moment in which the Establishment Nueva Gales was born.

Ariel committed himself to look after it and maintained it intact, without changes, for it contains the history of his descendants, together with the love of the ones that had cultivated the Patagonia in every sense of the word. This act has a real historic and cultural value with a profound devotion to our origin.

Ever since, MEMORABLE was chosen as the name to remember it, because it has been elaborated in memory of   those ancestors, utilizing the same handmade way, time and complete preparation, soaking the fruits in liquors and spices inside of French oak casks, taking a total time of 45 hours of preparation, just exactly as the old times.

The black cake was meant to honour a family tradition and a sort of cult to those who have left their lives in the pursuit of the Welsh culture colony in the Argentine Patagonia.

The black cake is our humble tribute and moreover...


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