Our Principles

Customer focus: Our company intends to meet our consumer and customer needs in a consistent manner. Trust is essential and has to be earned. Reliable relationships can be developed and sustained with the right set of tools: full involvement with customers in order to simplify the search for solutions; collaboration with the purpose of jointly identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing opportunities; management of projects intended to live up to our corporate promises; and sharing of value, not only to properly reward past efforts, but also to preserve future relations.

Team work: Our company encourages team integration with the purpose of achieving common goals.

Flexibility: Our company takes timely actions in keeping with market changes, always under the guidance of our vision, mission, and values.

Innovation: Memorable has a proactive attitude towards acquiring new technologies and creating new products. Permanent recognition of achievement and excellence: Our company promotes and permanently recognizes our employees’ excellence and focus on achievement.

Integrity: Our company shows a consistent ethical, decent, responsible, fair, and proactive attitude towards work and the society within which we carry out our activities.